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Disputes in life are inevitable. Wherever there is human activity, there are relationships. Wherever there are relationships, there are disputes and conflict. In every relationship, disputes and conflict need compromise and resolution.

Conflict can arise at any time in trade and commerce. Business disputes can stem from misunderstanding, ambiguity or dishonesty between parties. If a business dispute is poorly managed, it can distract, damage and drain the business. On the other hand, a well managed commercial dispute can lead to learning, greater efficiency, and surprising growth.

All commercial disputes require a commercial solution.  Fundamentally, all business owners need the quick, cheap and just resolution to business disputes.  Not every lawyer knows how or even wants to achieve that commercial goal.  I work tirelessly and tenaciously to resolve your case – achieving the best outcome as quickly as possible. My personality, methodology and integrity make me an outstanding choice as your trusted advisor.  My mission in life is to fight the good fight and win your case in the right way and for the right reasons.


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