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Disputes arise at any time in trade and commerce. Business disputes can stem from misunderstanding, ambiguity or dishonesty between parties. If a business dispute is poorly managed, it can distract and drain the business. A well managed commercial dispute can lead to learning, greater efficiency, and surprising growth.
All commercial disputes require a commercial solution. Fundamentally, all business owners need the “quick, cheap and just resolution” as stated in section 56 of the Civil Procedure Act. Not every lawyer knows how or even wants to achieve that commercial goal. We work tirelessly and tenaciously to resolve your case – achieving the best outcome as quickly as possible. Our personality, methodology and integrity make us an excellent choice as your trusted advisor. Our mission is to fight the good fight and win your case the right way and for the right reasons.

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Our Dispute Resolution Services

Aviation law in Australia deals with specialist regulations to ensure the safe and comfortable transfer of people and goods. We have deep knowledge in all aspects of the aviation industry and will assist you in finding the best solution to your aviation dispute.
When you are up against a bank, you need tough, precise and skilful lawyers to navigate the stormy waters of a David and Goliath style dispute.
We protect builders and developers in navigating the complex web of contracts, plans and the Security of Payments Act.
If the government wants to acquire your land (and disrupts your business) we will maximise your compensation.
We deliver fast, tactical action to recover debts of all sizes from sneaky debtors to belly-up creditors.
Any claim by the ASIC or an insolvency practitioner will be responded with rigor, precision and a comprehensive understanding of regulatory authorities. We will deliver a quick resolution so you can return to focusing on your business or practice.
Employment issues can give rise to strong emotional responses. We protect your business with clear, concise, strategic advice from our team of employment industrial lawyers with more than 25 years experience in solving difficult problems.
During the tumultuous change of a relationship breakdown, we achieve balance, fairness and resolution.
If a franchise partnership ruptures into dispute, we skilfully ensure its quick and efficient resolution.
We protect insolvency practitioners, directors, creditors and business owners when cash is tight. We navigate the snakes and ladders of the Corporations and Bankruptcy Acts to safeguard your rights.
We expertly review the Minister’s migration decision to protect or improve your status. Our experience in the Migration and Refugee Division of the Administrative Decisions Tribunal, and the Federal Court will maximise the chance of demonstrating the Minister’s mistake.
When problems arise in partnership or shareholdings – we ensure a win-win situation for all involved.
We advise on all aspects of the Australian Consumer Law.
If you have suffered damage because of a professional was careless, we maximise your compensation.
If you have a dispute as a real estate agent, either with another agent or with a client, we are experts in resolving your real estate dispute.
If you have a dispute with the Commissioner, we ensure your position is put forward rigorously with the precision and skill required to manage complex abstract tax. We protect your interests and minimise the amount you pay.

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