Employment & Industrial Disputes

Employment & Industrial Disputes

You need a lawyer that understands the employment and industrial law to help you manage employment issues inside and outside the courts. We offer tested and reliable knowledge and skills in employment and industrial law to employers and businesses in the private or public sector, from any line of industry. Part of our work is to interpret legal documents to our clients and help them understand the roles they play in their respective workplaces

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Employment Advice

Employment and industrial policies and regulations change constantly. Therefore, employers must stay up-to-date with their responsibilities which usually revolve around work, safety, and health. Any change in regulation will require adjustments in the contracts or agreements drafted between the employer and employees. During the negotiation and approval process, you must get legal representation for guidance on how to handle disputes as they arise.

Employment Disputes

To protect your reputation in the marketplace you need to resolve employment disputes quickly and sensitively. Poor management of an employment dispute can damaged your brand image and integrity in a competitive environment. Employers need harmony and solid communication lines with employees, unions and any other parties involved in the dispute on hand.
The process of resolving an employment and industrial dispute does not have to get to litigation. If you engage us early, then we can find a suitable solution to stop the issue from escalating into serious financial and reputation risk. Effective negotiations and mediation work well to defuse sometimes emotionally charged conflicts. Since time and money is precious to you, it becomes our duty to actively pursue cost-efficient and timely settlement options that lead to favourable results.
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