Product Liability & Consumer Law

Product Liability & Consumer Law

We have practical experience in defending consumer rights inside and outside the courts of law and provide representation assistance dealing with regulators Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
Australian companies are required to be liable for their products and comply with consumer laws. Under the Australian Consumer Law, consumers have specific rights or guarantees that protect them defective, misrepresented and dangerous products. The Australian Consumer Law gives the rights to:
Under the Australian Consumer Law, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, importers, installers, and retailers, or any relevant members of the chain supply are responsible for the dangers caused by their products. These businesses or individuals are held liable by law for every defective or dangerous product that falls in the hands of a consumer. The consumer guarantee applies for goods that are valued at $40,000 and below. For products that exceed $40,000 protection is restricted to household, or domestic use.

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Issues under the Australian Consumer Law include:
We can help you identify the different laws that apply to specific products or services and decide on a course of action. Contact us for help on:

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