Real Estate Agency Disputes

Real Estate Agency Disputes

Real estate agents face aN increasingly complex regulatory professional regime and competitive market. As real estate agency law becomes more complex, you need a specialist lawyer with a deep understanding of the NSW Property and Stock Agents Act and the real estate industry.

The Market

The real estate agency profession has faced volatile operating conditions over the past five years, and there have certainly been winners and losers in the market. Government incentives and falling interest rates have affected housing prices. Government limits on foreign property investment, the outbreak of COVID19, and the 2020 economic recession appear to be constraining the demand for residential real estate and the number of conveyances. This in turn has has constrained industry revenue and required for real estate agents to have greater efficiencies in their businesses and look for innovative ways to make profits.

Real Estate Agent Professionals

The real estate industry involves many different people with specialist roles, and one of the key players are the real estate agent professionals. Real estate agency disputes can arise between the agent and the client, or between agents. Such disputes can arise from purchase transactions such as disputes over commissions, conjunction agreements and sales of rent rolls.

Avoiding Disputes Through Well Drafted Agency Agreements

Even better then resolving a dispute is avoiding one altogether. Disputes can arise at any stage of the property transaction. disputes arise between an agent and someone renting, buying, or selling a home. Such problems can drag a real estate agent and their indemnity policy into a dispute between buyer and seller. Such disputes can revolve around:
For instance an increasingly common scenario is where a vendor sells directly to a buyer introduced by an agent and that vendor tries to cut the agent out of the deal. The only protection the agent has is recourse to a well drafted and tight agency agreement that has a robust and comprehensive definition of “introduction”.
To protect yourself, your sales agency agreement needs carefully crafted terms to protect you from a vendor who does not intend to pay you for your efforts. Real estate agency professionals need an expert lawyer with deep experience in real estate agency law to draft robust and comprehensive agency agreements. This will protect you and ensure you are rightfully paid. A well drafted agency agreement must cover in an expert way:

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Conjunction Agreements

Where more than one real estate professional is involved in a transaction, a conflict may arise between conjunction agents concerning the commission between themselves. Again a well drafted conjunction agreement by an expert real estate services lawyer will ensure you are protected.

Rent Rolls

In the real estate industry, most investors need help in managing their rental properties. Agencies are now more than ever focused on rent rolls. When you are buying a rental property, in essence, you are buying the rent roll, which is a detailed report of the gross rental income.
Disputes may arise during the sale of the rent roll. In this case, you will need the help of a commercial property lawyer to ensure that all terms and conditions of the transactions are met. Because the sale of rent rolls involves many complex factors, and multiple completion milestones, a dispute can arise at any point in time. When a dispute arises, it needs quick and expert action by an expert in real estate services practice..

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