Start Ups

Start Ups

We are excited about the entrepreneurial spirit. We act for start ups who might be idea rich but cashflow poor. We make the legal process available and affordable.

The WYNDHAM METHODâ„¢ will work for you.
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We Provide 3 Models

1. Join the Wyndham Law Club

For an affordable monthly fee, have your legal questions answered and legal documents drafted. Join the exclusive Wyndham Law Club Facebook Group and network with other like minded entrepreneurs and business people.

2. Buy a Wyndham Suite

Buy 3, 5 or more suites of our legal documents for a fixed fee. Input your data and the documents will prepare themselves using our unique technology.

3. Bespoke

Instruct us to customise your bespoke legal document for a fixed fee.
Documents available for production and assembly are listed before:
Intellectual Property

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